School Sports


Integral Aspect of Total Education

EASYSPORT PRO physical education programme

Easysport Professionals are sport managers; we consider it worthwhile to create a statutory, professional and easy platform to revive Physical Education programmes and School Sports as tools for Total Education of Nigerian Children. We are like-minded professionals with great aspirations to transform vision to reality; we function as members of team striving to understand the importance and uniqueness of Physical Education and School sports to cultivate in child a capacity for self-discipline and living a productive life.

Given the magnitude of Physical Education Programmes and School Sports to the Total Education of school Children, Easysport Professionals Ltd has the capacity to provide continued attention from both academic and professional expert.

Our integrated vision on the project, (Physical Education Programme & School Sports) is to revive Physical Education programmes and School Sports toward Total Education in Nigerian school children to live a productive life.

objectives of easysport professionals physical education progrand and school sports


The overall objective of the project is to provide the basis for reorientation of physical education programmes and school sports in the trend of its general values, such as: health, socialization, education, strengthening personnel (technical knowhow), sport infrastructure capacities in Nigerian schools, organization to well-structured sport competitions among the Nigerians schools and identifying/developing school children towards professional sport careers.


  • As an indispensable extracurricular activity of the school children, to inspire the youth to the heights which help one see and understand better the words of Achilles’ father: “Strive always to be the best and excellent among others not to shame the line of your fathers, the finest men by far….”
  • To build up their social skills, friendliness, respect and love for other fellow beings.
  • To perfect their body and health. And all of these are going to be built into their personality – one and only, unique and irreproducible. This very personality will, due to school sports.
  • To build the spirit of sportsmanship in school children which will certainly be of great benefit in their different future career endeavors
  • To Increases school children self-esteem and mental alertness

activities of easysport professionals physical education programme and school sports


In order to achieve the objectives, the project will execute the following activities:

  • Easysport Professionals Ltd has the capacity (Technical Knowhow) in physical education curriculum and sport management to design a programme in-service training for consent refreshing towards modern sport. Assist the schools to review major policies, approaches and strategies in the defining the realistic objectives to be achieved in school sports and physical education programmes, within a fixed timeframe;
  • Easysport Professionals will assist the schools in preparation of an action plan and guidance materials to improve planning, management and organization of physical education programmes and school sports competitions.
  • Provide assist in refurbishing the existing dilapidated sport infrastructures and building new upgraded ones.  Sport infrastructures are indispensable to physical education programmes and school sports, on the contrary; the importance of sport infrastructure in Nigerian schools for sport participation in different sports has been mostly ignored by the Governments and school proprietors. Consequently, physical education programmes and school sports are no longer enjoy any level of investment on sports infrastructure.
  • Provide technical support in term of personnel, physical education expertise that can translate modern physical education curriculum and school sports toward achieving a total education of school children for building fundamental traits that give a child strong character. Provide guidance for training schedules for introducing physical education and school sports reforms, rules, regulations, work ethics, training and management systems for monitoring and evaluation of project.
  • Procurement and installation of physical education learning materials, facilities and equipment for school sports.
  • Design mechanisms to ensure “quality”(same standards as applied to schools), “linkages” (an integrated system, complementary and mutually reinforcing) with the total education system and adequate “support” to sustain physical education programmes and school sports.
  • Provide technical support for strengthening capacity-building for training of all types of physical education personnel and school coaches, including strengthening the national capacities for face-to-face teaching, radio, social media and other communication channels.
  • Provide technical support for the development of the identified sport talents towards their professional career.  

In order to realize these objectives, the vast experience of Easysport Professionals Ltd and our clients (the schools managements) will be fully harnessed to provide technical assistance for the realization and successful project of total education with particular emphasis on innovative physical education and school sport-based programmes. Particular attention will be paid to ensure active involvement and participation of physical education teachers in the process of designing and implementation of these activities. (If Physical Education Teacher(s) available)

Moreover, Easysport Professionals will assist schools (Clients) in over-all coordination of the project activities, provide logistic support, establish a time-frame, manage project funds, and prepare training materials.

Easysport Professionals will provide technical support and assist our clients (Schools) in reviewing past experiences and on-going models of physical education programmes and School Sports. It will help the Ministry of Youth and Sports in identifying and developing school children with great potential in sports for representation in national sport competitions. Another critical activity which is foreseen in this project is to explore ways and means for intensive advocacy to persuade political leaders, policy-makers and administrators to reform the sport sector.

Meanwhile, Easysport Professionals will sign an agency management agreement with any interested school, which automatically makes such school our client.